Diagonal Red

2000 2′ x 3′ x 12′ | 1997 9′ x 12′ x 5′
Wood, Metal Fence
Bird Park, Olde City, PhiladelphiaInstalled “Bird Park”, a vest pocket park in the historical district in Philadelphia, Diagonal Red was a site-specific installation designed to intersect the hexagonal brick paving of the park and divide the park with a layered screen of red fencing. It was designed to echo the modestly scaled eighteenth and early nineteenth century residential architecture in Olde City and Society Hill. Inside was a bench that invited pedestrians to walk into the park, investigate the space behind the screen and possibly sit down. From the sidewalk, those seated in the structure become part of the sculpture, silhouetted figures in the dark green space behind the red grid. “Diagonal Red” was installed as part of the exhibition program of Gallery Joe, a sculpture gallery in Olde City, Philadelphia. It was in Bird Park during the months of June July and August 1997.